Saturday, 29 December 2012


  Well I guess this post is as good as any to start with. My sister got me the movie Thumbelina as part of my Christmas present from her. I only got round to watching it last night because work is really running me into the ground over Christmas while I am off college :P but that's not the point the point is Thumbelina. First its a little depressing what with the frog, mole and beetle making her life hell :L what with kidnaping her and trying to marry her or calling her ugly or convincing her that the prince is dead and the whole way through it just got worse bad thing after bad thing kept happening. in the way it kind of reminded me of Disney's Pinocchio but that's a completely other horrifying post of its own :P Although I do understand the movie is based of a book so that's why. well at least it all worked out in the end and call me a sap but the fairy prince was just to much of a dreamboat for words haha. why cant men like this be real and not cartoons. the music in the movie was pretty decent although some was alittle cringey haha. in general the movie was good apart the depressing parts they don't make movies like this anymore which I think is a real shame :) I also like the fact that it wasn't a Disney animation because it brought something that you don't really get from a Disney movie, i'm not sure how to explain that but let me know if you get what I mean, I recommend you watch it and let me know what you think:)